Workshops and Forums

Four forum sessions are scheduled daily at 9:30 and 11:00 a.m., and 12:30 and 2:30 p.m. Most sessions are designed for a 1 hour presentation followed by a 15 minute Q&A session.

Additionally, we have speakers in YAZ (Youth Aviation Zone). These sessions are less formal and designed to engage youth.

The following presenters have outlined their topics:

Airworthiness Tips for LSA Aircraft

Tony Alfaya, FAA FAAS Team

The nuts and bolts of FAA Airworthiness Regulations, including maintenance, alterations, and appropriate maintenance record entries. We will also discuss persons authorized to perform maintenance and alterations, including owner maintenance. Presentation will conclude with a Q&A session.

This forum will earn you WINGS credits.

Forum Area 3: Wednesday, 12:30-1:30; Friday, 2:30-3:30; Saturday, 2:30-3:30

AMCC: The Aviators Model Code of Conduct – A Challenge to the UAS Community

Dr. Ryan Wallace, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

The future of flight is going to include Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), serving in a variety of diverse roles and service industries. Whether the application is with commercial, security, recreation, disaster assistance, or other uses, not yet imagined, UAS pilots and operators must integrate themselves into the existing aviation community. The Aviators Model Code of Conduct Initiative can be a template for the UAS community. Dr. Ryan Wallace will speak on the considerations necessary to bring about favorable relationships with both the flying and non-flying public as drones become more commonplace in our lives.

Forum Area 1: Saturday, 2:30-3:30

AOPA’s Rusty Pilot Seminar

Jamie Beckett, AOPA You Can Fly Florida Ambassador

Life may have gotten in the way, but the dream of flight can be yours again. Returning to the skies is not as difficult as most rusty pilots think. Join AOPA’s You Can Fly Ambassador in Florida, Jamie Beckett, for an intensive but thoroughly entertaining 3 hour seminar that will start you on the path to a successful flight review. Completion of this seminar includes a logbook endorsement for the ground portion of your FAA mandated flight review.

This forum will earn you WINGS credits.

Forum Area 1: Friday, 9:30-12:00

APP – the Two-Pilot Rule for Test Flight of Experimental Aircraft

Joe Sobczak, Soc. of Experimental Test Pilots; Sr. Test Pilot

Is Your Aircraft in Condition for Safe Flight?

“The NTSB has concluded that the flight test period—the first 50 hours of flight—is uniquely challenging for most Experimental, Amateur-Built (E- AB) pilots. So how do you know your aircraft is in a condition for safe flight? Most builders look forward to commanding the first flight in their aircraft, but the builder may not be the best pilot for the job. Realizing the value an extra set of hands and eyes can provide during this crucial period, the FAA offers E-AB pilots an alternate pathway to conducting Phase I flight testing. Presented by Joe Sobczak, a Fellow, Society of Experimental Test Pilots, you will learn about the Additional Pilot Program (APP), and how this program compares to the test flights conducted on commercial airliners.”

This forum will earn you WINGS credits.

Forum Area 1: Thursday, 2:30-3:30
Forum Area 2: Friday, 11:00-12:00

Around the world in 50 days: Ruth Jacobs

Ruth Jacobs, Aviator

Ruth Jacobs, self-starter/risk-taker, born in 1943, bought her first plane before she knew how to fly. She acquired a 1942 Taylorcraft L2 for $1,500, hired an instructor and managed to learn on a grass cross-runway in the middle of a Sorghum field. Ruth and her friend and flight partner, Bill Signs, flew around the world in 50 days in 1996 (that was before GPS and cell towers), which earned them the honor of “One of The Ten Most Interesting Flights of 1996” with a plaque and special presentation at the Smithsonian. Ruth also organized and became the first chairman of the Cook Inlet Ninety-Nines.

Forum Area 3: Thursday, 12:30 – 1:30; Friday, 10:15 – 11:00; Saturday, 12:30 – 1:30

Aviation Careers – Outside the Cockpit

Jamie Beckett, AOPA You Can Fly Florida Ambassador

With an aviation background that spans all-things-flight from the ground up and beyond, Jamie Beckett will offer insight and inspiration about the many fields available in the aviation industry that don’t require being airborne – and yet still provide a unique connection to the world of flight.

Show Tent/YAZ: Thursday, 11:00-11:15, Friday, 11:00-11:15

Before and Beyond the Niihau Zero

KT Budde-Jones & Syd Jones, Authors

If you believe you know a lot about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor but don’t know about the Niihau Zero, you are in the same boat we were before before reading Syd Jones’ book about this obscure episode.

On the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor, a battle damaged Japanese Zero landed on a remote, privately owned Hawaiian island. The Zero pilot survived for almost a week on what locals call the “Forbidden Island”, assisted by a local worker while terrorizing the island’s population before being killed by a native Hawaiian. Syd Jones book contains original reports as well as documents never before published that give unique perspectives into one of the most curious and thought provoking events of WWII.

The Author’s description of this interesting, and probably least known, story of what occurred on that Day of Infamy begins before December 7th and continues well into the two decades after. In this forum Syd will share his knowledge and insights about the event, the conflict that ensued in the days that followed Nishikaichi’s dead-stick landing, the secrecy that shrouded what happened to pilot and more.

Forum Area 1: Saturday, 11:00-12:00

Building Your Own Aircraft

Sebastien Heintz, Zenith Aircraft Company

One of the country’s leading experts discusses how building your own aircraft (from a kit) is a lot easier and more affordable than many realize. Discussion will cover the needed skills and tools, as well as budget and time. Heintz will also discuss how available new technology makes building and flying your own aircraft easier than ever!

Sebastien Heintz is the owner and president of Zenith Aircraft Company, a leading kit aircraft manufacturer based in Missouri. The son of famed light aircraft designer Chris Heintz, Sebastien continues in his father’s footsteps promoting sport and kit (homebuilt) aviation, and helping to make aircraft ownership affordable and accessible. Heintz is the 2017 recipient of EAA’s Freedom of Flight Award for his contributions to aviation, and the recipient of the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association’s (LAMA) 2017 President’s Award. Heintz is an avid sport pilot and enjoys sharing photos and videos of his flying adventures on social media and YouTube.

Forum Area 4: Friday, 2:30-3:30pm

Capt. Rahmani: A compelling story of perseverance & determination

Capt. Niloofar Rahmani, Pilot in the Afghan Air Force

Captain Rahmani, first female fixed-wing pilot in the Afghan Air Force slated to speak at U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2018.

Aspirations and accomplishments run wide and deep in some people. Capt. Niloofar Rahmani is one of those people. As the first female fixed-wing pilot in the Afghan Air Force, she has a life that reads like a movie.

From Afghanistan, Capt. Rahmani received a rare opportunity possible by a post US Invasion. After further training in the US, she filed a petition seeking asylum in the United States. Rahmani wants to fly in the military, but for the US not under the Afghanistan flag.
Join us for Captain Rahmani’s forum which promises to be a compelling story of perseverance, determination and above all the will to keep flying.

Show Tent/YAZ: Wednesday, 1:30-2:30 Keynote Speaker
Show Tent/YAZ: Friday, 9:30-10:45 with other speakers
Show Tent/YAZ: Saturday, 9:30-10:45;  and 1:30-1:30 Keynote Speaker

CFI Boot Camp: Getting Your Light Sport Instructor Certificate

Mike Shiflett, CFI Boot Camp

This presentation will cover how to become a light sport instructor. With as little as 150 hours you can earn a living teaching people to fly in LSAs. It used to take forever to become an instructor but now technology has shortened the time it takes. There will be a demonstration of the technology that makes it now possible.

Forum Area 3: Wednesday, 9:30am

Compliant & Compelling: Garmin ADS-B Out & In Solutions for your Aircraft

Joe Stewart, GARMIN

This seminar will highlight Garmin’s complete series of solutions for Experimental, Part 23, Part 25, and Helicopters including the GTX 345, GDL 82, and GDL 52.

Joe Stewart has been flying for over 30 years and logged over 4,000 hours. Before coming to Garmin, Joe worked for Cessna as Sales Administrator at Cessna Citation then as a Regional Sales Manager in the Single-Engine Division covering international and domestic U.S. sales territories. For the past 7 years Joe has been Garmin Regional Sales Manager for the Southeast U.S. and Latin America.

Forum Area 2: Wednesday, 11:00-12:00

Drones for the Modern Age

Dr. Ryan Wallace, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Unmanned Aerial Systems and the pilots and operators who fly them are on the horizon as a new and exciting player in the world of flight. Learn how UAS will be playing a part in the years to come.

Show Tent/YAZ: Saturday, 10:45-11:00am

Dynon Avionics for Certified Aircraft

Kirk Kleinholz, Sales/Program Manager for Dynon Avionics

In 2015, the EAA pioneered the path for Experimental avionics to be installed in Certified aircraft, with an STC for Dynon’s award-winning EFIS-D10A.  Dynon is building on that success with STC applications for the SkyView HDX system of integrated avionics.  Kirk Kleinholz will discuss Dynon’s progress on STCs for the Cessna 172N and Beechcraft Baron B58 and plans for expanding the STC to other certified aircraft.  Bring all your questions to learn when your certified aircraft will finally have the chance to fly into the 21st Century!

About Kirk

Kirk Kleinholz has been Sales/Program Manager for Dynon Avionics for nearly over 7 years.  He’s been a pilot for 22 years and is a CFII, tailwheel instructor and multi-engine pilot, as well as a past State President of Washington Pilots association.  In an earlier life he was an aircrewman and Antisubmarine Acoustic Operator in US Navy P-3s. He travels to about 20 airshows and aviation events annually in the US and internationally and regularly speaks to pilot groups and FASTTeam Safety Seminars.

Forum Area 4: Thursday,  11:00 – 12:00
Forum Area 4: Saturday,  9:30 – 10: 30


Engine Longevity and Reliability

Randy Bibb, ASL CamGuard

Randy Bibb, Director of Marketing/Research and Development – ASL CamGuard

Randy has worked in aviation for over 25 years. He is an accomplished charter/corporate pilot with 4,000 PIC. He is a Certified Multi engine instructor having instructed at Oklahoma State University and Spartan College of Aeronautics. Randy has an extensive background in maintenance in the USAF-ANG as an avionics, navigation, flight control specialist on the F-16 fighter jet and the former owner of a Mooney Service center. Mr. Bibb has been with CamGuard for six years. Randy was a co-owner of a Mooney service center and enjoys maintaining aircraft as much as flying them!
Forum Area 1: Wednesday, 2:30-3:30; Thursday, 9:30-10:30; Friday, 2:30-3:30
Forum Area 3: Saturday, 11:00-12:00 

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Learning to Fly but Were Afraid to Ask.

Dr. Peggy Chabrian,WAI

This fun and educational presentation answers some of the common myths people have about learning to fly. Plus, some practical tips on saving money on flight lessons, how to find a good flight instructor, information about what exactly is required to obtain a Private Pilot certificate and more are included.

Dr. Peggy Chabrian is a longtime aviation enthusiast and professional aviation educator, Peggy is a 2,200 hour commercial/instrument multi-engine pilot and flight instructor who has been flying for over 30 years. Most recently she added a helicopter and seaplane ratings to her flight qualifications.

Forum Area 3: Friday, 12:30-1:30

Flying Upside Down and Sideways, On Purpose

Scott Farnsworth, IAC and the DASH Flight Team

An insightful discussion about how aerobatic flight techniques and training has helped Scott Farnsworth, become a more confident Pilot in and out of the cockpit.

Forum Area 3: Wednesday, 11:00 am

Former NASA Astronaut, Dr. Story Musgrave presents “Lessons of Life”

Dr. Story Musgrave, Former NASA Astronaut

Story Musgrave, born in 1935 on a dairy farm in Stockbridge, MA, never finished school, but instead, ran off to Korea with the U. S. Marines where he became an aircraft electrician and engine mechanic. He started flying with the Marines and over the next 58 years and accumulated 18,000 hours in over 160 aircraft. Musgrave is a parachutist with over 800 free falls, has six graduate degrees in math, computers, chemistry, medicine, physiology, and literature and has been awarded 20 honorary doctorates. He was also a part-time trauma surgeon for the duration of his 30-year astronaut career and flew on six spaceflights. He performed the first shuttle spacewalk on Challenger’s first flight, was a pilot on an astronomy mission, conducted two classified DOD missions, was the lead space-walker on the Hubble Telescope repair mission, and operated an electronic chip manufacturing satellite on Columbia.

Show Tent/YAZ: Friday, 1:30-2:30

Future of Unleaded Avgas

Chris D’Acosta, Swift Fuels LLC

Meet Chris D’Acosta, of Swift Fuels! Swift Fuels is a global leader in the development of unleaded avgas to replace 100LL. Swift Fuels has introduced an unleaded 94-motor-octane fuel for aircraft whose engines specify minimum 94-MON or less (generally, engines with lower compression ratios). This encompasses approximately 50 percent of the U.S. fleet – and includes autogas certificated aircraft, light-sport aircraft, and aircraft with engines rated 94-MON or less. You will learn about Swift Fuels’ nationwide deployment plans. The transition to unleaded avgas begins now!

Forum Area 3: Thursday and Saturday,  9:30-10:30


Garmin Cost Effective Solutions

Brian Hupe, Garmin

This seminar will feature cost effective standalone solutions including the Garmin G5, radios, audio, autopilots, ADS-B In & Out, moving map, and more.

Forum Area 2: Thursday, 2:30-3:30

Garmin Experimental Avionics– G3X Touch

Brian Hupe, Garmin

This seminar includes an overview of the Garmin G3X Touch system for experimental and LSA including optional solutions such as radios, audio, autopilot, traffic, and weather.

Brian Hupe has worked for Garmin since 2006 in aviation engineering and sales. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, is an instrument rated pilot and a homebuilder.

Forum Area 2: Friday, 12:30-1:30

Inspiring Young Woman and Aviators to Achieve their Dreams

Julie Wang, Solo Around the World Aviator, Airline Transport Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor

Julie Wang completed her circumnavigation at Addison, Texas (KADS) on September 19, 2016. She was the first Asian woman to accomplish a solo flight around the world. She covered 23,000 nautical miles in a Cirrus SR22 single-engine, 6-cylinder, 310-horsepower aircraft. …Mostly over open water – something Wang had never tried before.

Julie grew up in China surrounded by aerospace engineering professors, her parents and their colleagues at Harbin Institute of Technology. She was fascinated with space and, to her, flying was living in the sky. She feels that being a pilot is all about knowing everything you can about your aircraft and your own skills and being prepared.

Julie came to the US in 2010. At that time, she learned to speak English, learned to drive and learned to fly.  In just six years, she became qualified to fly around the world.

On November 1, 2016, at Airshow China 2016 in Zhuhai, AOPA China‘s President Mr. Zhang Feng presented Wang with a replica bank draft for 1,000,000 Yuan Renminbi (about $150,000) representing the 1,000,000 Yuan Renminbi prize AOPA China will award to Wang for being the first Chinese woman pilot to complete an around-the-world flight.

Show Tent/YAZ: Thursday, 1:30-2:30

Launching a Young Eagles Program

John Rousch, President, Heartland Flying Club; VP of EAA Chapter 1240

If you’re interested in finding a way to keep your flying budget within reason, meeting new friends, and expanding your flying skills and knowledge, come and be a part of the forum on developing a flying club. Using the Heartland Flying Club based right here in Sebring as an example, you will learn how it was formed, how a membership and fee structure was determined, explore different aircraft options, scheduling and the optimum, number of members per aircraft. A flying club is a great way to fly inexpensively and still have the freedom to fly when you want. Come and learn how to select the right club for you or how to form one.

Forum Area 1: Saturday, 9:30-10:30

Light Sport Buying and Flying Tips

Lou Mancuso, President, Bristell Aircraft

Our power point presentation LSA Buying and Flying Tips gives prospective buyers tips on what to look for when considering a purchase of an LSA. It also includes operational tips to keep the pilot safe.

Forum Area 2: Wednesday-Saturday, 9:30-10:30

Microgravity at 30,000 feet: Flying Parabolas for Planetary Science

Dr. Julie Brisset, Research Scientist at Florida Space Institute of the University of Central Florida

Helping us to understand aviation’s role in the science community and especially its benefits for research, Dr. Julie Brisset will share insight into the University of Central Florida’s experience with parabolic flights and the science performed on-board these very unique aircraft.

About Dr. Julie Brisset
Dr. Brisset is a research scientist at the Florida Space Institute of the University of Central Florida (UCF), where she works on dust behavior under microgravity conditions for the study of planet formation and regolith.
She earned her Master degrees in Aerospace Engineering in 2005 from the ISAE in Toulouse, France and the Technical University of Munich, Germany. After working for several years as an aerospace engineer on ESA ISS payload operations, she started graduate studies in astrophysics at the University of Braunschweig, Germany and received her Ph.D. in 2014. Until 2016, she was a PostDoc researcher at UCF’s Center for Microgravity Research.
Research interests: Planet formation, origin of the Solar System, small Solar System bodies, dust and regolith processes, microgravity experiments.

Forum Area 1: Wednesday, 12:30 – 1:30  

NOAA – Hurricane Hunters/Meteorology Updates


Specially equipped NOAA aircraft play an integral role in hurricane forecasting. Data collected during hurricanes by these high-flying meteorological stations help forecasters make accurate predictions during a hurricane and help hurricane researchers achieve a better understanding of storm processes, improving their forecast models.

Forum Area 2: Thursday, 12:30-1:30; Friday, 2:30-3:30; Saturday, 2:30-3:30
Show Tent/YAZ: Friday and Saturday, 9:30-10:45 with other Speakers

Operational Risk Management – Everyday Diligence Makes for Every Flight Success

Lt. Billy Bonner, NOAA

Lt. Billy Bonner from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will be speaking on how he and his fellow pilots reduce the risk associated with flying operational requirements. Each NOAA Aircraft Commander (AC) carries with them a detailed Operational Risk Management (ORM) document that outlines associated risks and mitigation elements for the flight to be conducted. Lt. Bonner will explain how the successful implementation of ORM’s keep NOAA’s flight program safe at all times.

This forum will earn you WINGS credits.

Forum Area 2: Friday, 2:30-3:30; Saturday, 2:30-3:30

Pilots Guide to Rotax Aircraft Engine Maintenance, The Two Strokes

Phil Lockwood, President, Lockwood Aviation

If you fly an aircraft powered by a 2 stroke Rotax Aircraft Engine, or plan to in the future, you don’t want to miss this informative presentation. Phil Lockwood, president of Lockwood Aviation Supply, The number one Kodiak Authorized Rotax Service Center in North America, will offer his insight into the best ways to maintain and operate your Rotax Aircraft engine. Phil will demystify the latest service information on the most popular 2 stroke Light Sport Aircraft Engines in the world. Phil will also discuss the latest information on fuel and oil for the Rotax.

Forum Area 2: Thursday, 11:00-12:00

Rotax 912/914 Service and Operating Tips

Phil Lockwood, President, Lockwood Aviation

If you own, operate or have any interest in the bestselling LSA engine in the world today, the Rotax 912, you won’t want to miss this presentation. Get the latest details on the new electronically fuel injected Rotax 912is and the latest tips and tricks on installation, service and operation of all 9 series Rotax aircraft engines. Phil will also include his latest recommendations on fuel and oil. Phil will take questions at the end of the presentation.

Forum Area 2: Saturday, 11:00-12:00

Sharing the Skies: Drone Evolution

Kat Swain, Senior Director of UAS Membership and Programs

Since evolving from military and hobbyist use, the commercial UAS industry has seen rapid growth. From the early days of the Section 333 exemptions to the FAA’s release of Part 107 in August of 2016, new uses of drone technology have been seen in almost every business vertical. Flying insurance inspections and humanitarian use of drones to agriculture and mining, it seems that this technology continues to evolve and change the way we see business and the airspace in which we fly.

About Kat:
Swain was among the volunteers who flew drones for the organization based at Texas A&M University, dedicated to putting robots of all types, including drones, to work in disaster relief, search and rescue, and recovery.  Kat is responsible for developing and managing the UAS “Drone” membership and programs at Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Kat joined AOPA in March 2016. Before joining AOPA, Kat was Vice President for Measure UAS, a technology startup providing commercial drone service to several business verticals. Prior to that, Kat worked in innovation for USAA Insurance, developing and leading one of the first insurance drone operations and held several insurance leadership positions during her tenure.

This forum will earn you WINGS credits.

Show Tent/YAZ: Friday, 9:30-10:45- YAZ welcome with Capt. Rahmani and Joe Sobczak
Forum Area 2: Wednesday, 2:30-3:30

TFR and ADIZ: How to Avoid a Fighter Escort

Doug Dal Soglio, HQ NORAD

Discover the #1 reason general aviation aircraft are intercepted and how to avoid it. In this action packed briefing you’ll learn practical steps to avoid Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) and what to do if you are intercepted. Join NORAD in an informative and lively session that will keep you out of trouble, and off the evening news.

This forum will earn you WINGS Program Credits.

Forum Area 1: Wednesday, 11:00-12:00; Thursday- Saturday: 12:30-1:30

The Aging Pilot

Dr. Anthony Rizzo

Discusses Normal Aging Processes (Including Strategies for Slowing Them!) and How They Impact Pilots and Flying.

This safety seminar on the Aging Pilot is a must for all of us ‘getting up there’ as the bottom line is we all want to be safe. This will feature what we need to look for in ourself, or our flying partner.

Administrative offices: January 20, 10am

The intersection of homebuilt and part 23: Panel Discussion

Robert Goyer, Plane & Pilot Editor-In-Chief

Robert Goyer, long-time aviation journalist, VP and Editor-In-Chief of Plane & Pilot, will moderate this unique panel discussion with Tom Peghiny, Flight Design USA; Sebastien Heintz, Zenith Aircraft; and Dan Johnson,

About the Moderator and Panelists:
Robert Goyer, VP, Editor-In-Chief of Plane & Pilot is an award winning editor, a writer and a photographer. He is the recipient of the National Business Aviation Association’s Platinum Wing Award for lifetime achievement in aviation journalism and was the inaugural Bonnier Editor of the Year. An aviation writer and photographer since 1990, Robert has written extensively about sport aviation, general aviation, the LSA world and business aviation. He has photographed hundreds of cover stories and has been writing his influential Going Direct column for more than a decade. Robert is a commercial, multi-engine, commercial land and seaplane pilot with thousands of hours and is type rated in the Cessna CitationJet. He owns a vintage Cessna 182 and lives in Austin, Texas, with his family.

Dan Johnson, has been called “the leading reviewer of recreational aircraft” after writing hundreds of pilot reports on Dan is a 5,500-hour Commercial, Instrument, Multiengine Pilot and former Certified Flight Instructor, with a focus on LSA, ultralight aircraft, and homebuilt aircraft.
Sebastien Heintz, owner and president of Zenith Aircraft Company, is the 2017 recipient of EAA’s Freedom of Flight Award for his contributions to aviation, and the recipient of the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association’s (LAMA) 2017 President’s Award.
Tom Peghiny, is President of Flight Design USA, the North American distributor for the Flight Design certified Special Light Sport Aircraft. The Flight Design CT series is the 2nd largest seller of Light Sport Aircraft in the USA with a 10 percent market share as of 2017.

Forum Area 1: Thursday, 11:30-12:15

The Magic Behind Your Glass Panel

Kirk Kleinholz, Sales/Program Manager for Dynon Avionics

Learn about the technology that makes electronic flight information systems affordable and practical for small general aviation aircraft.  A better understanding of the internal workings of these instruments will illustrate how they offer reliability, affordable redundancy, and greater situational awareness than venerable analog flight instruments.  Pilots of even 2-seat VFR aircraft will learn how they can improve safety and situational awareness by making use of the latest in Glass Panel avionics.   Pilots of IFR aircraft will learn how to achieve more capability and greater redundancy at lower cost.  Learn not only the benefits of this technology, but also the safety and training issues relevant in making the transition from traditional analog instruments to glass panel.

This forum will earn you WINGS credits.

Forum Area 3: Wednesday, 12:30  – 1:30
Forum Area 4: Friday, 12:30  – 1:30

The WINGS Program and Master Pilot & Master Mechanic Awards

Bob Jex, Orlando FSDO's FAASTeam Program Manager for Operations

An Introduction to the FAA’s WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program and the Master Pilot and Master Mechanic Awards.

The FAA’s WINGS program is a method of life-long learning for the General Aviation (GA) and Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) pilot communities. Even though the program is FREE, many do not know how to use the WINGS program to its full potential. Come and learn how to use the WINGS program to your advantage! In the same seminar, we will also discuss the FAA’s two highest awards: the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award and the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award. Perhaps you or someone you know may qualify! Come learn about these programs from an FAA insider, the Orlando FSDO’s FAASTeam Program Manager for Operations, Bob Jex!

This forum will earn you WINGS credits.

Forum Area 3: Thursday, 11:00-12:00; Friday, 11:00-12:00


What’s New At Garmin

Joe Stewart, Garmin

Seminar will feature “What’s new at Garmin” including their G500 & G600 TXi displays with Engine Indication System, their latest autopilots including GFC 600, GFC 500 and G5 HSI interface to 3rd party autopilots. In addition, Joe will discuss new cutting edge Garmin ADS-B products like the GDL 82, GTX 345, Flightstream 510, plus the new GDL 52 series Sirius XM + dual-link ADS-B “In” receivers.

Forum Area 2: Saturday, 12:30-1:30

Who’s Running Things Around Here! Stories from Behind the Scenes at the Airport

Marilyn Gauthier, C.M., Operations and Maintenance Manager for the Authority’s General Aviation Airports

When you fly into an airport, the first people you meet may be air traffic controllers, line service, customer service agents and other fellow pilots. You may ask yourself, “Who’s Running Things Around Here?” Pilots encounter many situations when arriving and departing airports. Marilyn Gauthier will share an in depth look at the Airports priorities and how they impact pilots from landing to takeoff.

About Marilyn

Marilyn began her Aviation degree at The Ohio State University, and wanted to work at the airport while going to school. It was a long shot because there were very limited staff. But that didn’t stop her, within two weeks, she was working at The University’s Airport, Don Scott Field. While she was getting her degree, she spent some time working on her glider license at the Caesar Creek Soaring Club, joined the student chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives and an Aviation Fraternity. Marilyn believes you must go after what you want. She is now the Operations and Maintenance Manager for the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority’s General Aviation Airports – Peter O. Knight, Plant City and Tampa Executive Airports, as well as General Aviation at Tampa International Airport.

Marilyn is a Certified Member with the American Association of Airport Executives, the Vice President of the Tampa Bay Aviation Association and the Vice President of Public Relations for the Tampa International Airport Toastmaster Club, Plane Speaking @FlyTPA. It is clear airports and aviation are her passion.

Show Tent/YAZ: Thursday, 9:30; Forum Area 2: Thursday, 12:30-1:30


Would a Real Lady Fly an Airplane?

Dr. Peggy Chabrian, President, WAI

This is a look at women’s involvement in aviation from the early days of the Wright Brothers, during WWII, and through today.

Dr. Peggy Chabrian is president and founder of Women in Aviation International (WAI). The organization was incorporated in 1994 as a result of the success of the annual International Women in Aviation Conference begun in 1990. The conference began with 150 participants in 1990 and had grown to more than 4,800 attendees. WAI represents nearly 12,000 women and men from all segments of the aviation industry including general, corporate, commercial, and military.

Forum Area 3: Friday: 9:30-10:30

You Can Fly

Jamie Beckett, AOPA You Can Fly Florida Ambassador

Jamie’s preferred mode of transportation is a bright yellow and black Reimagined Cessna 152, which he often refers to as his company car.

Jamie holds commercial land and sea ratings for airplanes, as well as instrument and multi-engine instructor ratings.

An A&P mechanic with a penchant for the classics and a frequent contributor to a wide variety of aviation publications, Jamie’s passion for general aviation is truly infectious.

You Can Fly: It’s not just a slogan — it’s a literal statement. You Can Fly less expensively and with more satisfaction than ever before. Yes, you really can. And, Jamie will tell you how.

Forum Area 3: Wednesday, 9:30-10:30, Thursday, 2:30-3:30

Zenith Aircraft Hands-On Kit Building Workshop

Sebastien Heintz, President, Zenith Aircraft Company

Learn about building your own light-sport aircraft and about the real advantages of owning and flying an airplane that you’ve built yourself. In the hands-on workshop process, participants tackle many activities including learning how to read drawings (blueprints) and work from assembly instructions (manuals). Learn the procedures for putting together an aircraft assembly, including drilling, de-burring and blind riveting. As part of the building process participants cut, file and fit the aluminum alloy (sheet metal) parts. During the 2-day workshop, participants actually construct a Zenith Aircraft rudder assembly from a standard kit. The workshops will be offered twice: Wednesday – Thursday and Friday – Saturday.
Sign up here.

EAA members get FREE admission to Expo with their paid registration for this Zenith hands-on workshop. If  you’re an EAA member sign up here.

Come by the Zenith Aircraft workshop tent to learn more about building your own kit aircraft.

Location/Day: Zenith Workshop Booths N205/206, Daily


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