U.S. Sport Aviation Institute


A new nonprofit—Sport Aviation Institute was created by Sebring Airport Authority for U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in 2016

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Sebring Airport Authority formed this nonprofit organization called Sport Aviation Institute to help facilitate tax-free contributions and thereby promote further growth for U.S. Sport Aviation Expo. Businesses looking for tax write-offs will now be able to donate/sponsor Expo and receive tax benefits.

The goals for this nonprofit organization are:

  • To operate, manage, administer, and provide general oversight for U.S. Sport Aviation Expo.
  • Sponsor world-class forums and speakers for education of K-12 students, pilots and the general public to educate people to the benefits of utilizing aircraft in business.
  • Support the creation and operation of aviation related fabrication laboratories.
  • Support the creation and operation of an aviation related Advanced Technological Education Center encouraging manufacturing and advanced technical education
  • Support economic development efforts related to these aviation activities and efforts.
  • Support the construction and renovation of physical structures to implement these aviation efforts.
  • Encourage and support partnerships between the public and private sector.
  • Encourage and support partnerships with South Florida State College, School Boards and related organization across the U.S., private institutions of learning, and learning institutions globally.
  • Encourage and support appropriate partnerships with industry groups such as, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) together with all associated chapters, and the Small Aircraft Manufacture Association (LAMA).
  • Encourage and support partnerships with all local, regional, federal and international economic development organizations.

Mike Willingham, Executive Director of Sebring Regional Airport had this to say about the Institute, “This nonprofit organization will open many doors for Expo for growth, which will in turn help the community and region prosper.”
Make a tax-free contribution or get more info.