Leading Edge Flight Training School at Sebring Airport

SRA is thrilled to announce the first flight training facility in Sebring and their newest tenant, Leading Edge Flight Training School.

Leading Edge Flight Training School is ready and open for business with a Cessna 172 and a Lake Amphibian Seaplane. The school is also offering simulator training on the Redbird FMX, a superior-quality, full motion, Advanced Aviation Training Device. The simulator’s electric motion platform and wrap-around visual offer a realistic training environment approved by the FAA. The state-of-the-art simulator will be available for anyone to try out at the January 24-27 US Sport Aviation Expo.

Owner Brant Howell had this to say about his decision to relocate from Virginia to Sebring, “I chose Sebring because it’s in the middle of everything and options for world class flight training were limited. The Sebring Airport has so much to offer and now a professional flight school is here. It’s a great time to be involved in aviation, the airlines are hiring, and career opportunities have never been better.”

Continued Brant, “ We’re going to be doing seaplane training, which is new for Sebring. We’re excited to be the only flight training operation in Sebring with all these resources and opportunities.”

Down the road Leading Edge will offer flights to the Keys and major airports as an added benefit to customers.

About Leading Edge Flight Training School
Leading Edge Fight Training School has over 40 years of aviation experience providing training from private pilot through commercial and advanced pilot ratings. They provide pilots the opportunity to learn within a structured academic environment and receive a quality aviation education. The training school employs a team of professional flight instructors who are highly trained, experienced, and committed to providing the best training available in general aviation. Visit https://www.leadingedgeflightschool.com/ for more details.

Brant Howell
Brant Howell has been involved in General Aviation for more than 30 years and his experience includes thousands of hours of instruction given and flight experience in many types of aircraft ranging from Piper Cubs and Cessna 172’s to the latest advanced aircraft available. He is a long time member with the National Association Of Flight Instructors (NAFI), president of the SML Pilots Association, and a veteran of the United States Air Force 1550th Aircrew Training and Test Wing.

About Sebring Regional Airport & Commerce Park
Sebring Regional Airport is a 2,000-acre commerce park and airport. The airport is a designated Foreign Trade Zone offering many tax benefits and is home to Sebring International Raceway. Sebring has been named in the State Aviation System Plan as the growth airport for South Central Florida. SRA celebrates the 14th anniversary for U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in 2018.