Homebuilts & Camping: Aircraft Parking

Pilots flying their aircraft to the 2018 U.S. Sport Aviation Expo and planning to park in Underwing Camping or the Homebuilt Display Area, must pre-register online and display an appropriate placard in their aircraft windshield when landing at Sebring Regional Airport.

Arriving pilots who wish to park in any of these two areas also should advise Sebring Air Traffic Control (ATC) of that request upon contact with ATC.

Homebuilt Display Parking –There is no extra charge for homebuilts parking in the Homebuilt Display Area; aircraft parking is included in the price of admission. However, pre-registration is required in order to ensure there is enough room for all homebuilts arriving. A printable placard will be included with their registration confirmation e-mail. That placard must be visible in their aircraft’s windshield upon arrival to Expo 2018 to allow them to taxi Airside where the Homebuilt Display Area is located.

Underwing Camping – There is no charge for Underwing Camping. Pre-registration is required to ensure there’s enough space for all wishing to camp. Campers can pre-register online here. Please print your registration confirmation e-mail. It must be visible in your windshield for you to taxi Airside where the Underwing Camping area is located.

Pilots who do not pre-register and display the windshield placard will be directed to Eastside Aircraft Parking to take a shuttle to the Expo grounds.

Homebuilt Display Parking Registration

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