Drug Free Highlands to Sponsor YAZ

Drug Free Highlands joins U.S. Sport Aviation Expo to Sponsor YAZ for 2018. Look for their logo’d drawstring bags in the Show Tent where they will be given to all YAZ student attendees.

The primary purpose of The Highlands County Community Coalition for The Reduction of Substance Abuse, d/b/a Drug Free Highlands is to organize, inform, educate and unite community in its efforts to reduce substance abuse.

About Drug Free Highlands

In 2010, DFH shifted its focus towards prevention strategies, including providing information, social marketing campaigns, community prevention events, offering training to members of our community, as well as mobilizing law enforcement to do compliance checks, and enforce existing laws, policies, and procedures.  In 2010 and again in 2015, Drug Free Highlands was awarded the Drug Free Communities grant,  During this time the coalition was additionally awarded the STOP Act grant (Sober Truth On Preventing Underage Drinking) and has received a Block grant every year since 2013.

The funding that the coalition receives helps to shift the conversation of mental health, substance use and abuse and community wellness towards prevention strategies.   In collaboration with our community partners in prevention, we offer resources, social norming campaigns, community events, trainings to stakeholders and compliance checks amongst other initiatives.