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Best 4 Sport Aircraft OptionsBest 4 Sport Aircraft Options

An LSA or light sport aircraft requires just a sport pilot certificate in place of a private pilot certificate to fly. These certification differences allow you to turn out into a light sport pilot with half the money and time you put in for training. Several sports pilots choose to buy a light sport aircraft for their use. Even though there are plenty of options, here are some of the best options you can consider.

When you select a light sport aircraft, consider how you plan to use the aircraft you buy. Important things to consider in your purchase decision are fuel range, useful load, and engine type. You must also consider the way you decide to service your aircraft, including the convenience of finding the parts, and the ability to last in extensive use. The ideal choice for one purpose might be the wrong option for another.

  • Tecnam P92 Echo MkII

Tecnam P92 Echo MkII is Italian-made and is a fuel-efficient, lighter replacement to the other aircraft of Tecnam. You can get it in two configurations and the all-in cost is reasonable. The airframe of the aircraft is comparatively new and is considered to be a luxury in the current LSA market. The aircraft also features a sleek design with precise details. It is an ideal option for pilots looking for luxury people. This aircraft features a ballistic parachute, which is optional, along with a wide glass cockpit. There is also a Bluetooth connection in the aircraft. 

  • Evektor Harmony

This LSA aircraft is made in Czech and offers three types of engine configurations. The corrosion-proof design of this aircraft is an ideal choice for pilots who do not want to spend money on hangar space or are continuously in the sky. Instrument-rated pilots may use the full-IFR version of Harmony. The minimal operating costs and easy maintenance are the top two features of this aircraft. It also offers a spacious cockpit.

  • Flight Design CTLS 

One of the common LSAs used by flight schools is the Flight Design CTLS. Its airframe is made of carbon fiber, which allows a decreased empty weight, maintaining aesthetics, performance, and rigidity. The base model of this LSA is affordable and can be an ideal choice for pilots planning to buy their first aircraft and they can upgrade their aircraft with additional features whenever needed. The cockpit has enough sitting space so that tall pilots can easily enter and exit. There is also a compartment for excess baggage.

  • Rans S20 Raven

This LSA is a suitable choice for pilots to build an aircraft and fly it. Rans S20 Raven comes from Rans, which is one of the famous kit plane manufacturers, popular for making four variant airframes. This aircraft was made in about 1000 hours and is mostly used by sports pilots. The all-in cost is affordable and is a good option for pilots looking for their next major hanger project. The kit plane is customizable and does not require any welding.