Bristell Flight Academy helps solve pilot shortage

Bristell Aircraft and Expo exhibitor has introduced Bristell Flight Academy (BFA), the most affordable program to help private pilots become corporate pilots in the least time for the lowest cost.

Lou Mancuso, “The Landing Doctor” is offering personal financing for qualified applicants who enroll in his Bristell Flight Academy. The 100 hour course will prepare private pilots to become LSA Certified Flight Instructors in about four months. Students will live in Bristell Flight Academy housing for only $300 per month. BFA starting pay is $23 per hour with a $1 per hour raise every time the new CFI accumulates another 100 hours of flight time. Top pay is $33 per hour less $11 that is applied towards the student’s seven year note. New LSA CFI’s will quickly obtain the 1,000 hours total time needed to get a corporate flight job.

The Bristell Flight Academies are operated by the Mancuso family who opened the first Mid Island Flight School on Long Island in 1946. They have taught over 5,000 pilots how to fly and follow the Landing Doctor (www.thelandingdoctor.com) three part training protocol which consists of the PLC, The Personal Limitations Checklist, GPA, Ground Proximity Awareness Training, and DFGAP, The DeFined Go-Around Point.

When the student can land to their standard they are awarded a Bristell Challenge Coin.