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Last updated November 23rd 2015

The Sebring Expo’s Workshops and Forums offer a great opportunity for Expo visitors to increase their aviation education. Click here for the current Forum Schedule (Subject to change).



Two workshop presentations will be made each day:

Stewart Covering Systems will present a hands-on workshop demonstrating the techniques for its fabric-covering system.  Attendees will be allowed hands-on participation. This workshop will be presented twice daily at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Aviation Survival Technologies (AVT) will present a water-ditching survival demonstration twice daily, at 10 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Using a swimming pool, Randy Boone of AVT will demonstrate the proper way to use life vests and how to deploy a life raft from the wing of an aircraft or from the water. He will also discuss a seven-step survival plan that can be used with a life vest or life raft.


Four forum sessions are scheduled each day at 9:30 and 10:45 a.m., and 1 and 2:15 p.m. These sessions are designed for a 45-minute presentation followed by a 10- to 15-minute Q&A session.

The following presenters have outlined their topics:

Designing the perfect paint/vinyl Scheme

Craig Barnett, Scheme Designers

Craig Barnett, CEO and founder of Scheme Designers, Inc., will share numerous design concepts, ideas, and tips to help you design the perfect paint scheme or vinyl design for your aircraft. Learn many tricks to ensure an attractive, long-lasting, and professional design, which will add to the enjoyment of your aircraft for years to come.

Start or Join a Flying Club

Jamie Beckett, AOPA

Flying clubs have long been a part of general aviation. With the potential to cut cost, enhance educational opportunities, expand social interaction, and add both products and services to a flight school’s menu of options, the flying club is perfect for general aviation in the 21st Century. Best of all they can be customized to provide the exact benefits you’re looking for. This presentation will cover the basics of what a flying club is, how they can benefit almost any pilot, and where to find the resources necessary to find, join, or start a club that will be right for you.

Do’s and Don’ts for a Good and Successful Air Park Real Estate Experience

George Gratton, George Gratton Air Parks

Live the dream of your own special flying home base! An unbiased look at the wonderful and the not-so-great experiences and factors of real-estate ownership in an air park. Presented by a licensed real estate sales associate with community association management training and experience.

Building Your Own Light-Sport Aircraft

Sebastien Heintz, Zenith Aircraft Company

Learn about building your own light-sport kit aircraft, and about the real advantages of owning and flying an airplane that you’ve built yourself. Kit aircraft is a segment of the aviation that is growing while the rest of the aviation industry continues to decline.
Today’s modern aircraft kits are quicker and easier to build than ever before, and offer distinct advantages to the owner over factory-built light aircraft.

The Innovator Aircraft

Richard Hogan, Commuter Craft LLC

This presentation focuses on the development of the 3 Surface Platform, aircraft performance, and flight characteristics. The how and why of the clean sheet design will be shared and there will be ample time for questions.

I’m a Sport Pilot, Now What Can I Do?

Carl Houghton, Aero AT USA

As a sport pilot with more than 400 hours and a LSA owner and experimental aircraft builder, Carl has a perspective that being a sport pilot doesn’t limit your flying experiences. Rather it opens the door to let you fly long cross countries if you want to, fly to places like the highest paved airport in the United States, obtain your tail-wheel endorsement as part of a bush pilot class in Alaska, and build and fly your own LSA-compliant plane.
Carl hopes to inspire folks to look at the sport pilot certificate or flying under sport pilot rules as a private pilot as a viable means of becoming or continuing as a pilot and having great new experiences.

The Number One Killer of Pilots … And How You Can Prevent It

Barry Hull, Pilot Judgment Inc.

Most aviation accidents are not due to medical or mechanical problems, but rather an entirely preventable element. Based on decades of study and analysis, and examination of major causes of fatal accidents, the number one killer of pilots is discussed. Techniques for prevention, examples, and visuals are used to supplement the discussion. Barry Hull is a retired U.S. Navy fighter pilot, commercial airline pilot, and small plane private pilot, and includes stories of all three realms of flying in his presentation. He also includes handouts at the conclusion of the talk to supplement his discussion.
FAA Wings and AMT Award credit available.

Two-Stroke Engine Seminar

Phil Lockwood, Lockwood Engine Repair

Phil will discuss the maintenance of Rotax two-stroke engines, offering a detailed Powerpoint presentation that’s the result of his company’s years of experience in repairing Rotax two-stroke engines.

Four-Stroke Engine Seminar

Phil will discuss the maintenance of Rotax four-stroke engines, offering a detailed Powerpoint presentation that’s the result of his company’s years of experience in repairing Rotax four-stroke engines.

LSA Operational Tips

Louis Mancuso, Bristell Aircraft LLC

How to fly light-sport aircraft more safely.

Unleash the Power of Your Tablet!

Joseph “Joe” Marszal, Levil Technology Corp.

This presentation provides Levil Technology background and an overview of the iLevil Sport, iLevil SW, and ILevil AW. A live demonstration of each unit connecting to both iOS and Android mobile devices will be conducted using some of the most popular navigation applications, via a WiFi connection. The iLevil Series provides ADS-B In, traffic and weather, AHRS and WAAS GPS turning your tablet into a real glass panel.

Seaplanes 101

Steve McCaughey, Seaplane Pilots Association

What you need to know to pursue a seaplane rating and complete condensed ground school. Attendees will also receive a special gift if they decide to join the Seaplane Pilots Association.

Flying Safe in and Around Florida

Learn safe Florida flying strategies from the Executive Director of the Seaplane Pilots Association. This Florida native was a member of the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Forces and is a pilot who has flown in highly demanding environments from Alaska to Australia.

Don’t Leave Home Without It 

This hands-on safety gear workshop will show you how to build the ultimate flying emergency kit. This kit has been assembled following the lessons learned by this former U.Ss Air Force Special Operations member who has flown backcountry flights from Alaska to Australia and everywhere in between.

Seaplane Safety is No Accident

Tips and tricks for creating successful and safe seaplane flights. Attendees will receive a free cockpit gear position placard, bumper sticker, and Seaplane Pilots Association membership discount for attending this workshop.

The Sonex, Waiex, Xenos and Onex: Sport Pilot Designs

John Monnett, Sonex Aircraft, LLC

An overview of all Sonex Aircraft sport pilot-eligible piston aircraft designs, this presentation will give insight into the design considerations and features that allow Sonex Aircraft to combine simplicity and low cost with superior performance — the highest level of performance allowed within the light-sport aircraft regulations and the best performance per dollar in the kit aircraft industry today.

AeroVee Engine and AeroInjector: Sport Pilot Power

A brief overview of the history of the AeroVee and AeroInjector’s development kicks off a detailed presentation of the design considerations, features, and installation considerations of the AeroVee 80-hp engine, AeroVee Turbo 100-hp engine, and AeroInjector throttle body carburetion. The AeroVee and AeroInjector has accumulated thousands of flight hours per year in the worldwide experimental aircraft market and is the most popular engine/carb choice for Sonex Aircraft builders. The AeroVee is installed on many other types of aircraft, and the AeroInjector has been installed on a multitude of different engines through the years.

SubSonex Personal Jet Update

Who says we can only talk about light-sport aircraft at Sebring? Knock a major item off of your bucket list with the SubSonex Personal Jet: the first-ever “Reality Check” to truly bring the personal microjet concept into the realm of attainable reality with an affordable, easy-to-fly, and feature-packed design. This presentation will detail the development and production process to date, and the design considerations and features that are key to the SubSonex’s success.

Chock Talk with a Fighter Pilot:

North American Aerospace Defense Command

Discover the No.1 reason general aviation aircraft are intercepted and how to avoid it. In this action-packed briefing you’ll learn practical steps to avoid Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) and what to do if you are intercepted. Join three NORAD F-16 pilots in an informative and lively session that will keep you out of trouble, and off the evening news. Presenters include: Lt Col Mike “Alvin” McMillin, Lt Col Tom “Stork” Courtney, and Lt Col Doug “Swami” DalSoglio.

Care and Feeding of the Rotax 912 Engine

Prof. H. Paul Shuch, AvSport of Lock Haven

The Rotax 912 series engine powers about 80 percent of the special light-sport aircraft fleet. Though reliable and efficient, with the best power-to-weight ratio in its class, it is decidedly different from the Continental and Lycoming engines that most pilots have long encountered. Anyone owning or operating a Rotax-equipped aircraft needs to learn this engine’s quirks. In this seminar by a Rotax Heavy Maintenance certified technician, you will learn both routine operation and the special maintenance considerations that will allow your Rotax 912 series engine to work well to TBO, and beyond.
FAA Wings and AMT Award credit available.

Although the light-sport aircraft rule is now 10 years old, there’s still a lot of confusion as to maintenance and inspection rules, requirements, and ratings. Do you know the difference in maintenance rules between an E-LSA, S-LSA, experimental amateur-built, and sport pilot-eligible aircraft? What the owner/operator can or cannot do in each case? Why a Rotax engine has different rules than a Lycoming or Continental? What can be done by an A&P, IA, LSRI, or LSRM?

If a light-sport repairman with a maintenance rating can do inspections, why can’t a repairman with an inspection rating do maintenance? Find out from a certificated flight instructor, light-sport mechanic, FAASTeam lead representative, and independent Rotax Heavy Maintenance Technician who operates an LSA flight school on Pennsylvania’s historic Piper Memorial Airport.
FAA Wings and AMT Awards credit available.

Weight and Balance: Weighing In on a Balanced Approach

Every student pilot learns how to do aircraft weight and balance calculations. But, being able to crunch the numbers does not always equate to fully understanding their implications. In this webinar by a retired Physics professor, you will learn to balance the physics behind the calculations, so you can (in a very Zen sense) be at one with your aircraft. FAA Wings and AMT Awards credit available.

Aviation Insurance 101

Kyle White, Aviation Solutions, LLC

Become an educated buyer of aviation insurance. Learn what the carriers are looking for in order to qualify for the best rates. Don’t want a medical, but want insurance; learn which carriers allow you to operate under the sport pilot rules. What is covered under a typical policy? What, or who, isn’t covered in an aviation insurance policy? “Aviation Insurance 101” will give you the knowledge and comfort you’ve been looking for.

Symphony in the Skies: A Correlation Between Aviation and Music

John Zapp, Flying Musicians Association

A brief overview of the Flying Musicians Association and how the skills required to play an instrument and fly an aircraft have marked similarities from precision and multitasking to listening and fine motor skills.

Making Tomorrow’s Greatest Aviators Today

Mike Zidziunas, Lakeland Aero Club

Tips for getting and keeping young people involved in aviation, using the Lakeland Aero Club as a working example.

Flying to the Bahamas

How to safely fly your airplane to this island paradise.