2018 Expo Exhibitors

Newly registered exhibitors for 2018 will be added as they sign up.

Important: Sebring Expo staff and marketing team will never call and ask for financial information of any kind. If you receive unsolicited calls from parties claiming to be with Sebring Expo please report it immediately.

Last updated November 30th, 2018
Exhibitor Booth(s) Website
99s 405
Aeromarine LSA S302
Aeropilot USA N311
Aeroprakt USA N204
Aeros Sails GmbH S106
Aerotrek Aircraft S101
Air Force Recruitment 103
Airborne Ministries S102
Apogee ACE Inc.- Ekolot S-LSA N312
Astronics Ballard Technology 409
Atol Avion 505
AutoGyro USA N202
Aviat Aircraft S306
Aviation Insurance Resources 410
Aviator Unlimited Corp 306
Aviators Hot Line 502
Batcopter Static Display
Bede Aero Southeast S305
Belite Enterprises N102
Beringer Aero USA 106
Big Screw Aircraft Tie Downs 2006
Big South Fork Airpark 112
Bristell.com PS101
BushCat by SkyReach S307
CFI Bootcamp 412
CGS Hawk Aviation N305
Cirrus P303
Clarity Aloft Headsets 203
Cruiser Aircraft, Inc. P301-302
CubCrafters, Inc. N309-N310, S4
Dare to Fly Fashion 402
Dash Aerosports South Ramp
Diamond Doors, Inc. G1
Drug Free Highlands 209
DS Global 511
DUC-Hélices Propellers 206
Duke Energy 2000
Dynon Avionics G2
EAA Tri-Motor Static Display
EAA Chap. 1240 Youth Education 2013
Eagle International Aircrafts S202
Embry-Riddle Aernautical University 2019
Enovative Technologies 211
Evektor Aircraft N104
Expo Information Booth 506
Expo Shoppe G3
Flight Design N308
FLITZ International 406
Florida Aviation Network G5
FlyTheBeach.com S308
Flying Musicians Association A
Flying Pages/World Directory of Light Aviation 107
Garmin USA 302, 202
Guardian Avionics 401
Gyroplaneguy S201
Innovator Brands, Inc. Information Booth
Jabiru North America, LLC S103
Jupiter Bike Static Display 1
Just Aircraft, LLC N105
Kitplanes Magazine 303
L’Core-Paris 207, 307
Levil Aviation & Vertical Power 409
Lockwood Aircraft Corp. S211
AirCam/Lockwood Aviation Corp. S206
MultiGP DroneZone
Natures Med 503
Oasis Scientific Inc. 304
Oregon Aero, Inc. 104
Paradise Aviation N103
Pilots for Christ 504
Pipistrel-USA S301
Powrachute, LLC N304
Rapid Systems 108
Recreational Mobility N306
REVO Evolution Aircraft, Inc. N203
Ridge Landing Airpark 403
Rotax S205
S.A.F.E. 309
Sebring Historical Society 101
Sensenich Wood Propeller 311
Servant Air Ministries Inc. N301
Sierra Aeronautics 2012
Silverlight Aviation LLC N307
Soaring Sky DroneZone
Spencer Aircraft G4 , S302, N302
Sport Aero Services N304
Stemme PS102
Stewart Systems N106
Strong Parachutes 105
Super Petrel USA S204
Swift Fuels, LLC PN101
Tactical Hearing 305
Tecnam US Inc. Ramp
The Pilots Cross 102
Titan Aircraft S304
Trade-A-Plane 407
TruTrak Flight Systems, Inc. 408
U.S. Army 2014
uAvionix Corp 204
Van’s Aircraft, Inc. S303
Viking Aircraft Engines LLC N303
We Florida Financial/We Fly 205
Women In Aviation, International 404
Zenith Aircraft Company N205, N206