Welcome Heacock Insurance, new sponsor for 2019

We are thrilled to have Heacock Insurance  sponsor the 2019 U.S. Sport Aviation Expo Heacock Insurance is a fifth-generation, family-owned agency serving Central Florida since 1922. Founded in Sebring, FL by Austin Heacock, Heacock Insurance was one of the first insurance agencies to be located along the ridge of Central Florida. Throughout the generations, they have served our


John & Martha King at Sebring Expo

Sport Aviation Expo 2019 is thrilled to welcome this dynamic duo! About John and Martha King Through the years, the Kings have not only retained their own enthusiasm for flying, they have created an enthusiasm for flying in the hearts of millions of pilots worldwide.  More than half of all pilots in the United States


Thank you Plane & Pilot!

U.S. Sport Aviation Expo is grateful for the support of Plane & Pilot! We are thrilled to have Plane & Pilot back again for this very important 15th annual event. Look for Sebring Expo eblasts and ads in their publication in the next months. Without the support of our Media Partners and the extended publicity they


Drug Free Highlands returns for 15th annual event

Be Farfromhïgh with Drug Free Highlands in partnership with YAZ as they bring you another year of Health and FLYness. Bringing you more than just swag bags, you will also get to participate in an interactive session about substance use, brain function and all things wellness. See you in January!


Barrington Irving To speak at 15th annual event

Barrington Irving is very good at rising above obstacles. Literally. Raised in Miami’s inner city, surrounded by crime, poverty, and failing schools, he beat the odds to become the youngest person and only African American ever to fly solo around the world. He built a plane himself, made his historic flight, graduated magna cum laude


Kevin Coleman to speak at YAZ Jan. 23-24

Spectators around the globe have witnessed Kevin’s passion for aviation and pushing the limits for what defines extremist. His aerial performances are a visual spectacle unlike any other. He pushes the limit of his aircraft, his mind and his body to make every performance the best it can be. Kevin emanates the very definition of


A Gift of Wings: The Pilots of Sebring

This short documentary profiles the human side of Aerobatic pilots and the never ending chase to be the best pilot you can and the friends you make in the process. Directed / Shot by Ted Snow Produced by Foster Bachschmidt, Paige Bachschmidt, Don Hartmann, Monique Hartmann Aerial DP: Active Camera Systems Helicopter Pilot: Paul Barth

Announcing Innovation Station—The Launching Pad for Expo’s 15th Anniversary

The 15th annual U.S. Sport Aviation Expo will introduce Innovation Station—The Launching Pad. Staged in the Indoor Exhibitor Marketplace, Innovation Station will be a unique opportunity for new aviation businesses. These early-stage companies will receive special incentives and be provided with opportunities to help them establish themselves prior to, during, and after Sebring’s Expo. Innovation


Lyndse Costabile Speaker: Global STEM Advocate, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Ms. Costabile’s priority is interacting, engaging and speaking with youth. Her goal is to educate, inspire, attract and encourage young people (K-12) to pursue education across STEM and aviation. It’s our duty to support the next generation, and our world of tomorrow. It is also our responsibility to share success, as success is not met